Here I will tell you a little bit about me and my philosophy. In my kitchen, I combine spices, herbs and traditions from all over the world. My style is inspired by fresh and pure ingredients, my interest in plant based nutrition and by the tastes that make me relive my travels.


My aim is to let you experience new tastes, new ways to care for yourself and help you to listen to your body´s needs. It´s all about feeling nourished and energized after a meal, while connecting to people that you are enjoying your dinner with.


I always enjoyed cooking for others and the groups simply grew bigger and more and more people asked me for projects. I started catering professionally about 10 years ago. It started with making tapas for the most cosy café in my hometown Haarlem and some years later I found myself cooking a whole weekend in a forest for almost 700 people with the help of a big group of volunteers. Right now I enjoy cooking for seminars, festivals, weddings, private events, yoga festivals, retreats, I organise workshops and provide healthy and energizing business lunches.


Cooking has been my passion since forever, so I´m always experimenting and learn mostly by doing a lot. I cook from the heart and am open for a wide variety of projects – it helps me to live out my creativity.

In the first place, fresh local harvest is what makes me want to cook the whole day. It feels so abundant to grow your own vegetables and being able to create something tasty.

Besides that I am very interested in health and nutrition. Plant based nutrition and herbalism are generally what I focus on. I love working with plant based ingredients and create herbal mixtures. It is a creative, healthy and adventurous way of cooking to me. It is my challenge to surprise vegans and non-vegans with food from the heart. Therefore my food is always vegetarian, and mostly vegan. And you don´t even have to notice it.

Travelling, cultures and traditions are the third big influence you will notice in my food. There is nothing more inspiring than the smells and colours of a local market back home and far away. The intensity of tastes coming together in a dish bring me back to vibrant memories. Plus, traditions like Ayurveda or for example Asian kitchens in general, contain clever solutions for a plant based diet that I happily get inspired by. For example, many Asian kitchens are dairy free and still offer delicious creamy dishes.

This all together you can see as my style. My food is festive, nourishing, packed with love and leaves you energised. Curiosity helps me to find clever solutions for a wholesome plant based diet.