Creative plant based cooking workshops & festive vegan and vegetarian catering.

Hi there! Thank you for finding me here. My name is Marrit and I see myself as a nomadic caterer, mostly working in my homebases Amsterdam, Haarlem, Berlin & Italy, but also always on the road to discover new places. I offer nourishing plant based food and wish to inspire people along the way. Find me for catering projects like private events, business events, retreats, seminars, weddings and so on. Besides that, I offer workshops to inspire you to create a fresh, healthy, festive and tasty diet. As a nomadic and creative caterer I am open to cook on every location, whether it is in the forest, in your own kitchen or any other location.

Have a look at my website and definitely contact me for questions. For more detailed info about possibilities, see the section ‘Services’.


less waste, less garbage, less plastic,
more organic, more local, more stories from farmers to learn about the food chain

happily serving:

vegan // vegetarian // raw // ayurvedic // organic // sugar free // detox menu // specific diets